"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." (Galatians 6:7 NIV)

One of the most effective illusions, is the illusion of no consequences. 

It’s how staying up too late,
saying too much,
and eating too much, 
keep happening.

Can we identify with this quote from Jerry Seinfeld, "…when you’re watching TV late at night…and you’re tired, and you’re binge-watching all your little Netflix shows, …what about work tomorrow? You’ve got to get up. ‘Oh, that’s morning guy’s problem. I’m night guy. Party rocks on for night guy. Fire up another episode, crack open another sleeve of Oreos. No rules for night guy!’ Then, the next morning, the alarm goes off, you’re trashed, crumbs in the bed. ‘Why did I do that? I hate you, night guy!’ Because night guy…always [ruins] morning guy. Nothing morning guy can do. He turns into coffee-all-day-guy… who’s then can’t-sleep-at-night guy… totally-trashed-doesn’t-do-his-work guy, and out-of-a-job guy."

Believing that night guy can party without consequences is an illusion. 

We are always I-have-to-live-with-what-I-said guy.
Even as we gossip.

We are always stepping-on-the-scale guy.
Even at meals.

It’s good to remember, we are always morning guy. 
Even at night.

Caleb Grimes