Be A facilitator

See yourself as the conversation facilitator rather than the guy with all the answers. 


connection over completion

Don't sacrifice meaningful conversation because you're trying to finish all the questions.


avoid showing favoritism

Do your best to avoid showing favoritism. People will stop sharing their thoughts when they find out you only like hearing Bob’s thoughts.


aim to Understand

Make understanding people’s opinions and hearing people’s perspectives more important than getting people’s opinions and perspectives to line up with yours.


Thank people for sharing their hearts.

Some people will feel vulnerable and afraid to share their stories and perspectives, so a leader who acknowledges their bravery encourages the group to be authentic and personal.


To build trust, never share the personal stories shared in small group outside the group without permission.

No one likes our dirty or clean laundry exposed.


See laughter in class as medicine.

Laughter can help people heal, create stronger friendships, and make the discussion memorable.


families eat together.

I personally want my small group to feel valued, so I bring them coffee, donuts and mandarins. Sometimes others will bring baked goodies. Families eat together. See your small group as extended family.


Be curious

Be really interested in what people have to say.


Have follow up questions

Follow up questions bring out deeper truths and clarify what people mean. Try using these; "Why is that?" "Do you have an example?" "Can you explain?" "Tell me more"