What Can Open Ears Do?

What can open ears do?

In episode 216 of The Learning Leader Show with Ryan Hawk, Ryan says great conversations happen when people truly listen to what someone is saying. Ryan said he's been a guest for other podcasts that didn't turn out so well. Why? Because the person interviewing focussed more on their list of questions to ask rather than on Ryan's answers. Great conversations have great follow up questions. To come up with great follow up questions you have to use great listening. 

Jeff Goins highlighted the power of good listening when he wrote, "Listening can be a simple door into a persons life to share the good news of eternal life. Failing to do this will not only cost a relationship, but it will also contribute to a person's false perception of God and the gospel."

There are reasons why the Bible says, "Be quick to listen, slow to speak” (James 1:19 NIV).

How can a jury give a fair verdict without listening to the case?
How can a doctor make the right prescription without listening to the symptoms?
How can we give the right answer without listening to the question?

Some hearts are hardened and closed like a heavily bolted door. Trying to open that heart by force may cause further reinforcement. When hurting people find others willing to listen, they find it easier to open their hearts.

What can open ears do?
Open ears can open hearts.

(Romans 10:17, John 10:27, Luke 10:38-42, Acts 16:14)

Caleb Grimes