Create For Christ

Let us consider how to inspire each other to greater love and to righteous deeds - Hebrews 10:24 The Voice


10 Challenges

  1. Coffee spill painting

  2. Write a worship song

  3. Write a short story or a poem

  4. Take a photo of God’s creation

  5. Design a church T-shirt idea

  6. Tell the gospel in a creative way

  7. Find a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) project on and bake, quilt, or make a gift for someone 

  8. Fix something for someone

  9. Plant something or create a board game

  10. Create a card for someone 

November 25th

From now until November 25th you can send your creative work to be posted online for people to be inspired. My email is, (multiple entries are welcomed)

Bring your creative work to church, Sunday, November 25th to share and inspire others.

Submitted Creativity From The Church 2018


Books written and illustrated by Gina Hunter


Patty Swanson sent this quote.


Artwork By Rocio Hobby


Artwork by Caleb Grimes


John Jr. created this wood carving.

Ed and Pat Scott’s granddaughter wrote this sonnet :)

Ed and Pat Scott’s granddaughter wrote this sonnet :)


            Anna and I were vacationing at the resort on Grand Bahama Island where we used to stay at prior to her getting ill. There had been two hurricanes which ravaged the island two months previously.  Needless to say, the destruction had been immense, and only the resorts had been able to bounce back.  Elsewhere, some of the natural attractions had been virtually destroyed, and it took years to reclaim them.

            Walking along the beach, in the surf, I saw huge pieces of concrete blocks which had been torn away, and were embedded in the sand, with the surf flowing over them.  As we walked, we looked for seashells and conch as well.  Anna grew up at the New Jersey shore during the summers, so she always was doing this.  Suddenly I spied in the surf a large sea biscuit, a neat roundish solid shell with a beautiful star-shaped pattern on it.  I snatched it up to check this wonderful treasure out, and was surprised by its weight.  It turned out it was full of sand, and I was able to shake and rinse it empty there in the surf.  Overjoyed with my find, we continued our search.

            Not much further along, I spied another one comparable in size to the first.  I scooped it up as well.  It too was full of sand, which I vigorously began to shake out, amazed at my luck. Suddenly to my dismay, the shell broke in half.  I was devastated!  In my enthusiasm, I had ruined another gift from GOD.  Sadly, I tossed it into the surf and continued on my way, bummed out by my change of fortune.

            Meanwhile, Anna found plenty of shells and other artifacts which were very awesome in their own right.  You have no idea how carefully we packed everything up to keep any more from breaking.  It was an thoroughly enjoyable vacation.

            After returning to Southern NJ, I was reflecting on those sea biscuits, especially the broken one.  I finally realized my error, which my outlook on that shell. How often do we discard the broken things in our lives?  That shell could have been glued back together with very little effort, but in my desire for perfection, I threw away a valuable lesson from my Creator.

            When our LORD picks us up, does He shake His perfect head and toss us aside?  Is our brokenness not worth the time to repair?  Christians lives are a living picture of the fractures and breaks that GOD looks at and says: “I can repair this person, make them brand new.  All they need do is turn, repent and seek me and I will heal them.”

            When we surrender our lives to the LORD, He fixes the damage we’ve allowed ourselves to garner.  Often we carry those scars we’ve earned through our refusing to acknowledge the Savior.  GOD forgives the sin, but He doesn’t always remove the punishment.  They are powerful reminders of our messed up lives before becoming the LORD’s.

            When we see the homeless, downtrodden, sick, poor and lost people, we need to see them through GOD’s eyes…. completely restorable. We’ve been given a commission. Point the broken to their Savior. Someone did that for me…. How about you?   

By Dale Sherry


Artwork by Shannon Sherry


Written by Susan


Artwork by local artist and resident, Mike Hobby :)


Artwork by Elizabeth Blake, who wrote this encouragement, “Rooted in Christ and overflowing with thankfulness. If we ask Him for gifts He will provide.”


I asked Marvin (deacon of building and grounds) what project at the church has been the most challenging. Here’s his answer, “Probably emptying the shed of books in the back of the building and then repairing the floor which was completely crushed by the weight of thousands of books.

We tried to empty it during a workday but could only get about half the boxes out because of the weigh limit on the large dumpster we had for the workday. So as not to incur more cost, I decided to use our small dumpster that gets emptied every week by our garbage service.  

So as not overload that small dumpster, I calculated that only 6 boxes of books could be put in the trash each week. I think it took 6 or 7 months to get rid of the remaining boxes of books. Every Monday I would get the hand cart and make 2 trips from the shed to the dumpster.

Once the books were gone, I could work on the floor. Every original floor panel and cross beam was broken and could not be salvage. I had to tear out the whole floor. I got to buy some new tools to do that job because I had to cut away beams that were embedded into the structure.  That took a while.

I then recruited Ben Kent, who knows what he's doing, to build a new floor. That took a couple of days.  Then Lynn and I moves stuff around the 3 sheds so she could give one shed to the Women's Ministry for their storage needs. It also gave me more storage so I could move stuff out of the A/C closets in the main building so we didn't have restricted access to the A/C units and the electrical panels.”

  • Creativity isn’t always picking up a paintbrush, but figuring out how to pick up boxes.


Artwork by Nedra, our local artist and resident :)


Patty Vazquez took these beautiful pictures!


Melissa Grimes wrote this short story called, The Bucket In The Well.


Christina Henderson made some bookmarks to provide encouragement to believers or to share with nonbelievers.


Joshua and Caleb Henderson made Ina’s church building in Minecraft!


Veronica wrote, “I took a shirt that doesn’t fit or flatter me and made it into a dress for my kiddo!”


Steven and Elizabeth created awesome paintings on their date night.


Patty Swanson shared this :)


Barbara and James Navarro installed the lights, medicine cabinet, sink along with vanity and the towel rack in Teddy’s bathroom. Teddy is Barbara’s mother who was recently baptized.


Andrew Aslin submitted this creative video :)


Beautiful quilts by Barbara Navarro.


Barbara Navarro’s husband carved this incense burner.


A Promise To Keep

This is a story about a young lady and her friend. They were very good friends. In the evenings they would play monopoly or scrabble and other fun games. They love one another and looked out for each other.

One day the young man was sitting at the laundry mat watching television. Suddenly an emergency announcement came on. They showed a picture of his friend. He left the laundry mat wondering where he should go.

His friend was missing and he felt her parents should know. This thought kept running through his mind; fear and worry for his friend was a lot to bear.

Later at his camp, friends found him on his knees, you see he made a promise to God, he would never do drugs again; please just please bring my friend home.

Unfortunately his friend was never found, but he kept his promise to God. Now, in his late eighties he attends church and all the functions he can because he never gave up on his friend, and he had a promise to keep.

by Rose Walczak



Blustering, blowing;
Howling around the eaves.
Branches breaking, clatter;
Trees shaking off their leaves.
Withering, browning;
Seeds on the wind.
The grasses fall in the end.

Migrating, leaving;
Flying south at a stately pace.
The geese and ducks fly off with amazing grace.

Burrowing, digging;
Seeking shelter from the cold.
The little mammals are preparing for winter to unfold.

Foraging, feeding;
Gorging for a long sleep.
The bears know that winter won’t keep.

Long freezing nights and short cold days.
Tells all that winter will come with her white snowy glaze.

by Rose Walczak


“This is a picture I took at Tohono Chul Gardens. It was the only flower left on the plant. It's called a Desert Rose. The colors are so rich it doesn't seem real.” - Jane Ferguson


Joshua Empringham created this to encourage his children to study the Bible together. Once they fill out all 7 boxes his two daughters get a toy, an “LOL surprise” doll :)


Larry started designing a t-shirt for the Food Bank ministry and everyone who contributes to it.


Artwork by Steven H.


Artwork by Steven and Elizebeth.


Artwork by Desirae.


Donnie captured the creativity and humor of God in the animal kingdom.


Christina designed a clever poster asking for children’s Bible class teachers.


Nancy’s neighbors enjoy her decorations for each season.

Caleb Grimes